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Your pup in the game?!? Yes! Our artist will turn your dog into a custom card made just for your deck! 

🐶 You'll get:

  • Your dog illustrated as a card
  • 3 copies of the card

🐶 How can I submit my photo?
After checkout we'll email you a form to fill out to collect your photo and info for your card.

🐶 Have two pups or more & want them on one card?
We can fit up to three pups per card, each illustration is $99 per dog. You’ll also get +3 copies per dog
 (1 dog= $99 & 3 cards, 2 dogs=$198  & 6 cards, 3 dogs=$297 + 9 cards)

Cards are hand illustrated and then produced in small batches. This custom made items takes 4-6 weeks for cards to arrive. 

Your Pup, in the game! Your pup as a real card

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