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  • Fiercely Thrilling: This wildly popular card game blew away Kickstarter by exceeding its funding goal by a whopping 7950%. For everyone ages 7 years old & up, perfect for kids, teens, adults, couples and grandparents too. This fun family card game is for 2-6 players but only 1 of you won't end up as a bear snack! Get ready to laugh while running for your life!
  • Beware of Bears: There are bears in the woods and they're dangerous! The more you progress through bear country the crazier it gets, with lava, evil squirrels, yummy donuts, packs of wolves, and of course the bears that must be avoided at all costs. This game is fast paced, super strategic, and fun for the whole family.
  • A Strategic, Fun, Family Friendly Card Game: Game Night will never be the same again! Navigate the forest, stay on your toes, hike the National Parks, avoid the bears lurking in the woods, sabotage your friends, and make it out of the forest...Alive!
  • Ready To Play Anywhere And at Any Time: Super quick to learn, can be played with as little as 2 players, and takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to play each time. Play over and over again for a new mix of cards and new strategies to come up with. Available expansion packs allow up to 6 players for endless fun for everyone.

Bear Stare Down - Base Game

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