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When we created Farting Frenchies, the small dog lovers of the world spoke loud and clear, other Tiny Pups Fart, Too! So we created the Tiny Pup Expansion Pack- and althought it's small, boy does it pack a big punch! In this pack you'll find hilariously funny (and adorable!) tiny dog breeds like "Fartzilla" the Chihuahua, "Bunz of Steel" the Corgi, "Sergeant Stinky" the English Bulldog, "Cutsie Tootsie" the Pomeranian and many more!


With expansion packs you can EXPAND the game to 4-8+ players, add other fun breeds to the mix, AND add another way to play- teams! Expansion packs can also be played as their own stand alone game with bonus action cards you won’t find in the original deck!


  • Farting Frenchies Tiny Pups Fart, Too! Expansion Pack is designed to be added to your Farting Frenchies Base Game 
  • It can be played with the Farting Frenchies Base Game- expanding the game to 4-8+ players or as a complete stand-alone game for 2-3 players!
  • Expansions add a NEW way to play Farting Frenchies- TEAMS!
  • New cards await in this expansion, featuring new dogs, stink cards, good smell cards, and action cards
  • Mix and match any games. Celebs+ Pugs? Frenchies+ Tiny Pups? Tiny Pups + Frenchies + Labs? The combinations are endless and each expansion changes up the play of the game with new fun cards that aren't found in the base game.
  • This highly giftable expansion pack contains 54 cards and is recommended for ages 7+
  • Number of players: 2-3 as a stand alone game, 6+ if played with the base game

Tiny Pups Fart, Too! Expansion Pack

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