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Filled with lots of laughs: Kevin Fart, Lady Farta, Robert Tooty Jr. and even Oprah Windy all make an appearance! Who else walks the red carpet? Get this fun-filled pack to find out! 


With expansion packs you can EXPAND the game to 4-8+ players, add other fun breeds to the mix, AND add another way to play- teams! Expansion packs can also be played as their own stand alone game with bonus action cards you won’t find in the original deck!


  • Farting Frenchies Labs Fart, Too! Expansion Pack is designed to be added to your Farting Frenchies Base Game 
  • It can be played with the Farting Frenchies Base Game- expanding the game to 4-6+ players or as a complete stand-alone game for 2-3 players!
  • Expansions add a NEW way to play Farting Frenchies- TEAMS!
  • New cards await in this expansion, featuring new dogs, stink cards, good smell cards, and action cards
  • Mix and match any games. Celebs+ Pugs? Frenchies+ Tiny Pups? Tiny Pups + Frenchies + Labs? The combinations are endless and each expansion changes up the play of the game with new fun cards that aren't found in the base game.
  • This highly giftable expansion pack contains 54 cards and is recommended for ages 7+
  • Number of players: 2-3 as a stand alone game, 6+ if played with the base game


This is a Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion Pack, we only have 200 games left, once they're gone, this collector's item will be retired forever!

Celebrity Dog Expansion Pack

SKU: Celeb-EXP
$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price

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