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  • Boss Dog International is our newest globe-trotting hit game! Played with or without Boss Dog- base game this game includes 75 NEW cards with an international theme; yummy new FOODS, globe-trotting DOGS and NEW action cards you won’t find in the original deck! Combine both Boss Dog International and Boss Dog to expand your game up to 8 players! This expansion is a full-sized game that can be played with or without the original Boss Dog base game.
  • Boss Dog International is a family-friendly-dog-frenzie where players collect, feed and steal each other's canine criminals to create the ultimate Boss Dog Family. Dominate your opponents and strategically heist their furry little friends as you battle it out for the top dog title.
  • The game gets more intense with every card you play because the more dogs you recruit, the more there are to steal! Boss Dog will keep you laughing, is quick to learn, family friendly, and takes 15 to 25 minutes to play.
  • 2-8 Players, Ages 7+

Boss Dog International - Expansion OR Base Game

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