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A family owned & operated company where we all have a hand in creating "laughs" and sharing them with others.

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Hi! We’re the Naqvi’s.  

We’re passionate about family, pets, food, the great outdoors...and games! Boss Dog Games is a company that our family of 5 started during the pandemic when our other business took quite the turn and changed our lives completely.


Like many businesses, our other small business shut down during quarantine, so we filled our days creating and playing games instead. We loved playing the games we created together, and we thought it would be awesome to bring that same joy to others, so we decided to give it a go and create the gaming company you see today.


A funny joke quickly became our very first game, and with that, started a new mission to make people laugh. Being a family of entrepreneurs, designers & artists really helped! Family walks around the neighborhood turned into brainstorming sessions and time after dinner was spent drawing and revising our games. Our first game, Farting Frenchies was a huge success so we pivoted and created the gaming company you see now- one that the whole family has a hand in! We’ve had so much fun ever since.

Our Mission

Since our company was created during tough times, we realized that sometimes all a family needs is a good laugh. That's why, after developing our first production run,  we donate x1 game for every x1 sold after our campaign to kids in hospitals across the country. Our mission is to create a gaming company that isn't always about profits, and our third game, Boss Dog is continuing that mission. Every new game we create allows us to spread more joy and laughs! 

Our first game, Farting Frenchies and our second, Bear Stare Down, have continued to be a great success and since launching the initiative June 2021, we've donated thousands of games to kids in hospitals across the country! 

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About Us

Our game ideas come to us from life being...well...funny!
Read on below to learn how each game came to life.

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The Farting Frenchies Story


they're cute...they're cuddly... they're...stinky?

Little Stinker

Hey there! I’m Sofia and this is my little fur baby Ace! My family fell head over heels for this guy, but little did we know he was a stinker! But he looooooves food. And he’s cute. So we couldn’t help but fuel his stinky habit!

One day in quarantine we were taking turns laughing about what makes Ace stink the most, like that time he ate Gouda cheese! Or the time he got into the leftover tacos! and we laughed so much we turned it into a game!

Now you can play Farting Frenchies and have a laugh too! It’s easy to pick up, but hard to win! Strategic moves, witty cards, steals and plenty of funny smells! It’s got everything you’ll love! Created during quarantine, it’s awesome for even only two players— but add the expansion pack and you can play on teams too! Either way, it’s tons of fun!!! Please back our project and help us help everyone embrace the stink! Hehehe!

About FF
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The BOB Story (Beware of Bears!)


For the Bold & Brave


It all came from a trip... to the woods. We live in CT, pretty far from bear country, so when we went for a hike one day and came upon a “Beware of Bears” sign we were surprised...aaaand had a good laugh...See, one member of the family, who shall remain nameless, (pssst rhymes with icky) has a habit of falling into haaaaiiiry situations while on trips. We all laughed that chances are he’d be the one to get caught by a bear.

The backstory: rewind to 2017 when we went on a trip to L.A. to film for Shark Tank. The day before we went on set, Mickey took a tumble off an electric scooter, got four stitches and two fractured wrists! After insisting he was fiiiiine, (Brave kid!) the very next day Mickey went head-to-head with nature again- a SHARK named Mr. Wonderful!

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Fast forward to 2019; we’re on a trip, yet again, and Mickey gets stung by the third most dangerous jellyfish in the world-- a Portugese Man O War, aaaand, thank goodness, lives to tell the tale. See, nature and trips do not end well for Mickey!

So that’s why we had a good laugh...aaanand spent the rest of the hike talking about how it would make a hilarious game! We went home and immediately created the game. That game is 98% the exact same game to this day.

That infamous day:

BOB About-03.png

Needless to say, we all lived to tell the tale, and now Beware of Bears (renamed Bear Stare-Down) is enjoyed by all! 

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About Bears
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The Boss Dog Story


Canine criminals, Chaos & Cannoli

Welcome to the Family

Hey there! I'm Amanda, leader of the "pack"- aka mom of 3 of the creators and the designer behind Boss Dog Games. Our family of 5 loves making games together, and this one has some "roots". See, my love of games started in the 1980s as an Italian-American kid growing up in Boston. My dad used to bring me to my Papa's Italian club- 'Club 40' - where I used to play cards with my some of my 23+ cousins and learned how to shuffle like a shark at only 3 years old.

Growing up in an Italian-American family, our house was always surrounded by the three F's -- Food, Family and Fuhgettaboudit! Hehe. Combine that with a love of dogs, and movies... and just like that you'll have all the makings of a great game, Boss Dog!


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About Boss Dog
Ninja Sloths Story
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The Ninja Sloths Story


Seen through the eyes of a young inventor

It all started with a neighborhood walk.

Ninja Sloths is the 'brain child' of fourteen year old inventor, Ayaan. Since he was very young, Ayaan has enjoyed both playing and coming up with elaborate storylines and new creative ideas for games and products. He's been featured on Shark Tank, Forbes, the USPTO and CNN as the founder of Ornament Anchor, a successful Christmas product that he invented in fourth grade. Around the time of launching our very first game, Ayaan thought up the concept of Ninja Sloths while on a walk around the neighborhood with the fam. That night, we got right to work on the game-- sketching and prototyping it-- Ayaan cranked the entire idea out in one night! Much of that same game is the game that you see today. 

Ayaan has patiently waited for the right moment to unleash his idea to the Kickstarter community, watching and learning as we grew our gaming company, and our second and third campaigns. Ninja Sloths means so much to Ayaan since it was his complete brainchild, so we wanted to wait until just the right moment to launch it. The game is not live on Kickstarter now through May 25, 2023!

Ayaan has worked so hard behind the scenes to make this project what it is today. All of the card concepts, actions and artwork have been carefully designed and directed by him personally. As a freshman in high school, it hasn't always been easy. Between running his business, studying and school extracurriculars, he's sacrificed time to work with super talented artists to bring the vision of Ninja Sloths to life. We couldn't be prouder of the result. Please show Ayaan some support by backing this game on Kickstarter. We can't wait for you to get the game in your own hands to experience it yourself!

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